How to formulate your own quality broiler feed

Many people have the passion to become a livestock farmer, they know what they want but something is holding them back.

Now the question is, what is that things that is holding someone who knows what he/she want to proceed immediately?

Well, i will tell you one of the thing that scare some people away form livestock business.

And the thing is feed.

Animal feed have become the greatest fear to some people today in livestock farming especially poultry farming.

Chicken consume a lot of feed and the feed is so  expensive in the commercial market.

If you want to move forward in broiler farming you need to know how to formulate your own feed.

Read below to see the details on broiler feed formulation.

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Broiler Feed  Formula Starter Mash (Tranquility Biz)

Ingredients Quantity (kg/100kg)
Maize 61kg
Soya beans 18kg
Wheat offal 4kg
Full fat soya 13.5kg
Bone meal 2.5kg
Lysine 0.2kg
Methionine 0.3kg
Premix 0.20kg
Salt 0.3kg
Total 100kg

Broiler  Feed  Formula Finisher(Tranquility Biz)

Ingredients Quantity (kg/100)
Maize 66kg
Soya beans 18.55kg
Groundnut cake 7kg
Brewer’s dried gain 5kg
Bone meal 2kg
Oyster shell 0.5kg
Premix 0.25kg
Salt 0.5kg
Methionine 0.1kg
Lysine 0.1kg
Total 100kg