Parameters in turkey farming

Hello there,

Every livestock farmer needs to know the parameters of his or here flocks.

In this post, i will tell you the parameters in the turkey farming.

Below are some tips you need to know about turkey farming.

Descriptions Ages/gms/kg Male Female
Male – female ratio 1:5
Average egg weight 65gms
Average day old weight 50gms
Age at sexual maturity 30 weeks
Average number of eggs 80-100
Incubation period 28 days
Average body weight 20 weeks 7-8 4.5-5
Egg production period 24 weeks
Marketable age 14-15 weeks 17-18 weeks
Marketable weight 7.5kg 5.5kg
Food efficiency 2.7-2.8kg
Average feed consumption up to marketable age 24-26kg 17-19kg
Mortality during brooding 3-4%

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