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Welcome to O.A Tranquility International, the ultimate resource for everything related to farming. If you are very passionate about farming and want to learn how to do it yourself, we are here to assist. We are focused on offering you a simple, unique way to learn everything about farming at your own pace.
We know that it can be very hard to acquire all the right information on your own, so we will gladly teach you everything there is to know about livestock farming and farm life as a whole. On top of that, our website also has a huge range of products that you can purchase right away.

These vary from day old chicks to accessories, digital kitchen electronic measuring tools, poultry beak trimming machines and so on. We believe that taking care of your animals is very important and a necessity. Which is why our team works very hard to make that a reality as fast as possible.
And since we are very passionate about these animals, we do everything in our power to make the entire experience as unique and as rewarding as possible. It’s very hard to get into livestock and farming without the right amount of guidelines and tips. And the reality is that it’s very challenging to receive accurate assistance and support nowadays.
         We created Tranquility International because we want people to just enjoy the idea of having their own farms. Every piece of info we create is for these amazing entrepreneurs that chose farming as their way of life and business venture. And we want to help you as much as possible.
We cover a huge range of topics on our blog. This means you can learn how to raise various animals, how to keep the animals safe and how you can handle various animals as you integrate them into your farm. All the information is written by vetted farm experts with a lot of experience in the industry. This means you get information from the very best on the market and you will be amazed with the value and quality that you can receive from us.
        Our business is registered with corporate affairs commission federal republic of Nigeria. BN 2666266 We encourage you to browse our website and our store. Many of those products you need for your farming venture are already on our store, so check them out. Plus, if you have any questions or inquiries you can contact us and our team will be here to help!
Agriculture is important to man’s sustenance. Livestock which is the major animal protein source for man is now being recognized by people all over the word. However, there are many livestock farmers with little or no knowledge in raising and managing livestock animals. Hence, they realize low output due to poor performance by their animals which might have been caused by the farmers’ ignorance, lack of information, or wrong or obsolete management practices. To improve and have a better yield, these farmers need up-to-date information about livestock production and management.
Tranquilitybiz is a website that publishes useful articles on livestock production. The articles on Tranquilitybiz focus on feed management, health management, performance management, as well as other agribusiness information that is useful to all livestock farmers around the world. Our articles center on both the theoretical and practical aspects of raising and managing livestock animals.our website aims to be the most preferred when it comes to getting information on How Tos, Start-Ups, and Management in the field of Animal Farming. We also offer free online consultancy service to new and existing livestock farmers with the help of our expertise and experience in livestock farming and management. With Tranquilitybiz, livestock farming is made easy.
Tranquilitybiz started functioning as at may 2015 with poultry farming and we always bring the best in us to people around us. and we want to teach people who is harboring far about the business the truth about not but the truth.