Farm Partner Program

Farm Partner

Welcome to tranquilitybiz farm partner page. You are in the right place, just few steps to start earning from our farm.

You may have been looking for a way to get money online or offline, Tranquilitybiz is the gooxdx solution.

The Tranquilitybiz Farm partner have been created to make you a farm owner when you have not for one day dream of owing a farm or involved in practical Agriculture.

How is this possible?  Once you Register as a farm partner of our company (farm) Tranquilitybiz. You are now part of our company occording to our farm partners terms. You present your self to any firm, company or group of persons as that nneds Agricultural products as member of the farm or a member of the sales team or supply team.

For example: You can submite a tender using our company name and letter heading to any hotel for the supply of farm products such as chicken or fish at a good price.  You go below the price of the current supplier on agrement with us.

Now a hotel owner or manager can contact you to supply chicken or fish to the hotel at N1500 every two weeks, we the Tranquilitybiz will do the supply at N1300 per chicken for you, meaning you stand to get N200 per each chicken multiply by the total number of chicken to be supplied every two weeks, say 100 chickens every two weeks, you will be getting 200 x 100 ie N20,000 every two weeks. Is this not great? Tranquilitybiz is giving you a good opportunity to do good business and earn a good money.