How to calculate your fish average weight

Hello, friends, I welcome you once again for another topic on how to calculate your fish average weight.

Many of us have been feeding our fishes without knowing if the feed is converting to weight or not So that worry about that again this post will solve your problem Though all your fishes cannot attain the same weight no matter how you feed it sort them, is normal to every living thing This post will focus on how to calculate your fish average weight the FCR And this will take us into some calculations now In this example, I will use 10 fishes for the illustrations Because you and I know that you can’t take all your fishes out for weighing.

Now let’s say that I harvest 10 fishes from my pond and put them on the basket And place on the scale and it weighs 2.8kg That means that each fish in this basket is weighing 0.28kg that is 280gram Look at how I get the 0.28kg per fish If the total weight is 2.8kg Then divide the 2.8kg by 10(2.8÷10=0.28) You can do it with your calculate.


As I said before some of the fish will greater than 0.28kg and some will be less than 0.28kg It’s a range Feed conversion ratio can easily be calculated as the amount or weight of food given to the fish in a given period of time divided by the new weight. I want to make it simple for you now In simplified term is that FCR= Feed consumed ÷ difference in weight of fish

For example, If I book for a fish and at the arrival, the fish is weighing 0.2kg and I feed the fish for 2 weeks with 1kg of food And after the 2 weeks, I now weigh the fish again and it is now giving me 0.9kg Fish came at 0.2kg it ate my feed of 1kg to attain a new weight of 0.9kg

That means within the two weeks the fish has gained an extra kg How do you know the extra kg? New weight-old weight New weight 0.9kg Old weight 0.2kg (0.9-0.2)=0.7kg So the change in weight is 0.7kg Let’s go back to our FCR calculations {FCR=1kg÷0.7kg}=1.42 1kg is the feed the fish ate While 0.7kg is the new weight General accepted law in fish farming is when you calculate your FCR and you get any figure less than 1 you make a good profit up till 1 But if your FCR is above 1 then your profit is reduces 1.2 above your profit is on the red alert

That simply means that the fishes we’re eating without converting.

Actually, the cause may be from

Quality of fish
Quality of feed
Quality of management

To be on the safe side in fish farming business it’s important you do this calculation early enough to help … You determine either to continue with the fish ..or discard them and get new ones before you spend much more money on feed This example implies is that this fish farmer with this result will lose at avoid this do the calculations latest 2 weeks after stocking