How to identify a female pig on heat

A female pig that has not given birth before is called a gilt, while the female pig that has been breeding is called sow.

Either gilt or sow is very important to know when they come to heat and what signs will you see or observed to know when the pig is on the heat.

In this post, I will illustrate the signs you will see on the pig when they come to heat. Knowing this is very critical to some or every pig farmer because effective breeding will result in many pigs farrowing which will lead to regular birth of piglets and to a pig farmer more piglets result to increase in your business and profits at large. All matured female pigs come to heat every 21 days And pig will be on heat for 48-72 hours in the most breed. After my research and my experience, I observe that is good to mate the male and female pig on the next day of the heat when the heat started so that female pig eggs are fully active with this method you will get more piglets.

Now, what are the signs you need to see to know when the female pigs are on heat?

Mucus on the mouth

If you always on your farm, in the morning when you go through your pig pen you will discover your female pig secreting something that looks like a past mucus from her mouth, though male pigs do that too when you see it from the female pigs… it’s a sign of heat.

Anus color

Another thing you will observe is the rare part of the female pig close to the anus, it will be swollen and vary bring pink colour…. that is also a sign of heat


Another one is if you place your hand on the back of the pig and give a massage if she allows your hand on it’s back without running away… that is a sign of heat

The Tail

The pigtail will be facing vertically up…. That is another sign

In some breed sometimes restless and refuse feed or eat less, is also a sign Once you know this day take your farm record book and write down the date, and start counting 21 days after the observation ensure you also write it down. Once the female is on heat take it to the male one, not male to the female because female pigs have respect to the male ones. And when you take the female pig to the male pig room return it back after 12-24hrs mating has taken place What to do if you stock new gilt on your farm.

If you bought new gilt from another farm, the female pig age must be at least 5 months, When you take it to your farm, and you observe the heat I mean the first heat you observed, don’t take it to the male one at that first heat, as I said before pigs always be on the heat in every 21 days Then write that day you observe the heat down and count, in next 21 days the pig will be on heat again you can now mate them.


Feed your pigs what they need in other for them to offer you what you want Don’t starve your pigs Don’t be far away from your pigs, especially when she gives birth.

I hope this help?

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