How to win big in the fruit business in Nigeria

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I have found out that fruit business has made a lot of people in Nigeria today so many Nigerian women are making a lot of money from this business. I have done my research about this business and I also found out that this business can make anyone smile for the bank. But the problem I have in the business is that 85% of people doing this business is women I hardly find a male who is into this fruit business I don’t know why our male youth is not regarding this business fruit business is not only for the female, we guys can also do this business  because the business is lucrative you can make a lot of money from this business.

How to start a fruit business in Nigeria

This business has been tested and trusted are you aware that some people cannot do without fruit? yes, some people cannot do without fruit so that make the business to be more interesting, the funniest thing in this business is that you can procure over 200% profit in the fruit business.

I have done a lot of research about this business  I have to receive the good and the ugly of this business, although every business has it own risk fruit business has a risk side but it’s not more than 7%

Tips you need to know before you can start the business

  1. Secure a good position. In as much as I said that this business is lucrative, you need to make more lucrative  by getting a good position for your business if you want to make a good turnover you need to secure a good place for the business, please is very important before you start insinuating that Amos offered you a wrong business idea.
  2. Capital. This business does not require a lot of capital you can start small, you can start this business with N5,000 to N20,000 shop/space rent charge is not included, please
  3. Table. You need a table to run this business you can ask furniture or carpenter to construct a small table for you for the main time you can upgrade when you start earning money from the business.

Where to source for goods

In my research, I found out that some of these fruit sellers go to the villages to order for their goods so I employ you to do proper research on where you can be buying your own products like others. You really need to take this stage very serious because it will help you a lot in this business. As you know very well you can get fruit very cheap in rural areas, so you have a very big task here because you need to locate a good place and cheaper place, some women who I speak with during my research here in Nnewi Anambra state told me that they go to a place like Eke Umuoji, Eke Uke, Eke Osumenyi, Eke Amichi and some markets in Enugu, Ebonyi, Abia, Benue and  and so many other places that I cannot remember to say here.
When you finally find a good place where you can be buying the product trade wisely when a said trade wisely I mean you should take your time and pick the good fruit.

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What type of fruit can you sell?

Every fruit is good your capital will determine the types of fruit you will order, but I found out that people mostly like Banana, Avacado, watermelon, Cucumber, orange Pineapple this above fruits is the hot fruit in town so you can go for any of them.

Why should I join the fruit business?

Some people will be asking this question, well I must tell you that fruit business is very lucrative fruit business can make you achieve something big if you follow the right step, the business did not require a big capital you can start the business with at least N10,000 to N20,000 a lot of people love fruit so the business is well recommended I remember when I live with my uncle sometimes after dashing out his food he will ask his wife to go to the refrigerator and fruit for him fruit like, banana, Pawpaw, Apple Pineapple etc if you get any of this fruit for him, he will be fine for that night. So you need to start the fruit business because it sells like petrol in Nigeria.

Can this business earn me money?

The answer is yes this business is lucrative and it will earn you a lot of money, if you take this business very seriously you make a lot of money form it someone like me who is not joking with fruit can buy up to N800 per day if you have 20 people who are like me in your location and they buy N800 fruit every day you be making sell of  N16,000 per day lets say that you started the business with N10,000 you made sell of N16,000 if you minus your capital from this money you now have { N6,000}  profit please if you are a family person you know you don’t have to invest the whole now I will advise you to remove 80% of your profit and add to your capital and start trading again.


When you are ordering your products to ensure that the fruit is very fresh it will do you more good if you can get very greenish ones. Neatness is next to godliness always keep your equipment very clean that will attract more customers to you nobody will like to eat a dirty from that is what you should know. Always make the fruit available to your customers.

Before you start please do some more research about the business.

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