Pig Farming: How to reduce feed costs in piggery

Livestock is very lucrative but the challengings we are having in the industry is feeding, so if we can reduce the cost of feed we have probably on the right way to become a billionaire as soon as possible, some of us who is livestock farmer should have owned a mansion by now, but feeding has taken all the profit, that is why tranquilitybiz.com is working very hard to find a way to reduce costs in some categories

One important thing that a reasonable and profit-minded farmer must do is finding a means of reducing production cost to increase profit. In livestock farming, effective ways to reduce production costs such as the cost of feeding, medication, and energy (gas, kerosene, petrol etc.) should always be on the mind of serious livestock farmers. For the purpose of this article, pig production will be our principal area of focus.

Feed costs take 70-80% of the total cost of producing pigs. Therefore, when it comes to livestock farming and feeding pigs and other animals, farm owners or managers should “think outside the box.” It is good to move a step further from the normal thing that other livestock farmers are doing. Because every farmer is doing it does not mean is the best thing to do. You should be creative and innovative to be able to save cost and earn more.

Pigs are an omnivorous animal that simply means that pigs can feed on anything so if pigs can feed on anything why should you stress yourself about feed?

  • Why should you spend on shelling corn for your pigs when they can consume both the grains with the cob without their performance being affected?
  • Why should you use pre-mix when most of its components are already included in other feed ingredients or can be synthesized by pigs?
  • Why should buy corn at an expensive price when you can grow your own corn without even spending on fertilizer or manure because it is already available on your farm?
  • Why should you rely on fish meal (FM), soybean meal (SBM), or ground-nut cake (GNC) as your source of crude protein, when you can get enough Moringa leaves (which are far better and contain vital vitamins and minerals according to an animal nutritionist)  free or cheap to replace them?
  • Why should you feed your pigs with concentrates all the time when you can feed them with roughage or kitchen waste once in a while?

This list goes on and on. You really have to put ‘norm’ aside and innovate effective and harmless ways to reduce the cost of feeding your pigs and other animals. Remember, it is when you are able to make reasonable profits that you can be called a successful livestock farmer.

More details are coming on how we can feed our pig with zero cost

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