96 Chicken Eggs Capacity Egg Incubator (With Temperature/Humidity Alarm)

183,000.00 105,500.00

Weight10000 g
Suitable ForHatching poultry eggs
Warranty1 year
Power18amp, 220V
Digital LED displayAvailable with user friendly control panel
Item ConditionNew
Minimum Order1 unit
FeaturesElectrical heating systems | Calibrating temperature sensor reading | Heating element | Humidity alarm | Temperature alarm |
Additional informationInstructional manual available

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The 96 capacity egg incubator is recommended for farmers with about 100 laying breeders. It enhances hatchery operations for various species of birds. You can easily adjust it to adequately incubate eggs of chickens, turkeys, quails, ducks, and geese. It comes with twelve months warranty.

The 96 capacity egg incubator features unique and user friendly designs which ensure efficient hatching operations.

Egg incubators help simulate avian incubation by regulating factors such as temperature, humidity, and turning the eggs when necessary, which mimics the role of the hen in its natural state.

Incubators also eliminate external threat that could possibly harm eggs. These provide perfect conditions to enable hatching.

This incubator is recommended for ensuring good hatchability and quality chicks. Thus, it is suitable for small breeder hatcheries/farms with plans to commence hatching.

This incubator features the following:

  • Well designed control panel with bright digital display, built to give almost zero noise.
  • Controls for regulating and controlling temperature of  the unit via electrical heating systems.
  • Temperature sensor reading and heating element can be calibrated to desired settings.
  • Alarms for humidity and temperature parameters.

Our egg incubator also comes with one year warranty and an elaborate instructional manual for ease of use.

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