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Specifications: This product is installed by the fan behind heat carrier, the fan draws air into the body, the heat carrier is heated into a hot air, and then sent out through the outlet body warm air. (Must be placed in a sealed space usage, if little effect on open space, heating can not be stored) Product Name: The third generation heater heat lamps Features: Patented product, waterproof, explosion-proof, high temperature.

Color: Blue

Dimensions: Diameter 13.3cm,

height: 14cm

Power: 100W 200W 300W

Frequency: 50HZ

Product advantages:

1: the body with anti-melting, high temperature plastic, safe to use.

2: The warm wind, temperature uniformity, warm but not hot.

3: heat flow, there sterilization effect.

4: Useful promote animal blood circulation, promote gastrointestinal digestion.

5: Three temperature.

6: The body has LED lighting, soft light, no glare, does not affect sleep.

7: green energy, explosion-proof and waterproof.

8: long life time up to 15,000 hours. Body blowing warm air, the temperature can reach 40-90 degrees Celsius. Packing list: 1 X Chicken brooder Pig Pet heat lamp