Garden large field automatic rotary spray gun rocker equipment 1.5inch, 2inch and 2.5inch

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Sprinkler irrigation is easy to achieve mechanization and automation, which can save a lot of labor. The elimination of the water ditches in the field not only facilitates the mechanical operation but also greatly reduces the amount of labor. Sprinkler irrigation can also be combined with the application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and can save a lot of labor. According to statistics, the labor required for sprinkler irrigation is only 1/5 of the ground irrigation.

Improve land utilization rate: When sprinkler irrigation is used, there is no need for irrigation ditches and shoals in the field. It is better than land irrigation to make full use of cultivated land and improve land utilization. Generally, the cultivated area can be increased by 7-10%.
Four production increases: sprinkler irrigation facilitates strict control of soil moisture and maintains soil moisture in the most suitable range for crop growth. Moreover, it can wash away the dust on the stems and leaves of plants during sprinkling, which is beneficial to plant respiration and photosynthesis. In addition, sprinkler irrigation does not cause scouring and other damage to the soil, thereby maintaining the agglomerate structure of the soil, making the soil loose and porous, and having good aeration, which is conducive to increasing production, especially the effect of increasing yield of vegetables.

Adaptability: Sprinkler irrigation has strong adaptability to various terrains. It does not need to level the land like ground irrigation and can sprinkle irrigation on slopes and undulating ground. Especially in sandy soil with thin soil and strong water permeability, it is very suitable for sprinkler irrigation. In addition, sprinkler irrigation not only adapts to all field crops, but also has good economic effects for various cash crops, vegetables, and pastures.

Sprinkler irrigation has many advantages, but it also has disadvantages. Mainly because of the high investment cost, the current conditional mobile sprinkler irrigation system is cheap, and the investment in mu also needs 20-50 yuan/mu. In addition, it is greatly affected by wind speed and climate. When the wind speed is greater than 5.5 m / s (equivalent to 4 wind), it can blow off the raindrops and reduce the uniformity of sprinkler irrigation


Every farmer need this automatic spray to reduce stress and to help you work fast, with this equipment you can water ten thousand to fifty thousand acres of your farm within 1-2 hours.