Sales & order policy

Terms of service for sale

General advise her users to ensure that he/she has reached up to the age to ordering for something or accessing the site under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian. If you don’t understand any of this Terms of Service(TOS) of sale you will not hesitate to contact us for more explanations for making a purchase or booking.

Terms of service of Sellers

Before you sell your products with us you must make sure you contact us earlier, and your product must not be a product that will destroy our reputations. All seller’s product must be verified before publishing.


The parties accept that an offer is only made once you have selected the item you intend to purchase, chosen your preferred payment method, proceed to the checkout and completed the checkout process. Your offer can only be accepted when your product is dispatched, before we confirm your order, you will be asked for additional information but not limited to phone number and address.


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