Simple Business Plan On How to Start Organic Farm

Simple Business Plan On How to Start Organic Farm

Do you want to start organic farming from the beginning, or are you little beat confuse about the business and you need a sample organic farming business plan template?
if your answer is YES, then i must tell you that tranquility Biz is here for you. Before now i was thinking that before somebody can become a wealthy person the
person must be in the government house or an importer and exporter before someone can become rich, thank God for my prof who reformats my brain and makes me know that i must not be a president or governor to become wealthy. So if you are thinking like the way i did when i was young, or if anyone is telling you that you cannot be wealthy without in the government house then tell the person that i Amos Ogenyi is opposing his/her options, that you can become wealthy within your compound/backyard. I hope you already understand
that one of the ways to be wealthy is not by being an employee. On my research business, experts continue teaching me on the importance of having multiple streams of income.

One of the streams of incomes that you may want to consider is starting an organic farm. I must say that this is one business that sure guarantees return on your investment. Although it requires space,
seeds, livestock, and money, before delving into how you can possibly start this business, care must be taken in identifying what an organic farm is all about.

What is Organic Farm? Is very simple,

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It is a farm that grows livestock or produce without chemicals or pesticides; Do you understand it? if you don’t understand it leave a comment and i will elaborate it more for you.
These type of farms are not the kind of farms you can see so many this days, is only in the 80s on my research i found out that people are not using chemical or pesticides in their farms,
I mean here in NigeriaThe whole things started when white came into Africa to teach them how to do things, but for me, i don’t like inorganic farms because is no longer good for health
in my farm I’m not using all those inorganic vaccines again, so since i stop using them i can sell my livestock anytime i feel like, am sorry if am bothering with stories.

So what am i trying to say organic farms aren’t so many around the world compared to the magnitude at which people prefer inorganic because they think is very fast that organic.
This business has the potential to grow and succeed because the request for the organically grown farm products is now on the surge because of the various deadly diseases that are beginning to revenge man’s health.
So as an expert in this business i must tell you that there are much to benefit from organic farming, soon people will stop buy inorganic products and face organic products,
so what are you waiting for?  so seize the opportunity now that you have the opportunity and make money from it.

NOTE: This article proposes to show you steps that you can follow so that you are able to start on the right footing and make an appreciable level of success as you make a profit in
the shortest time frame possible. Now, here are the factors that you have to consider before starting your own organic farm business ( In case you need facial training we have experts
who will train you in the farm till you learn the whole factors, if you are interested in the facial training you can inform us through our email

1. Read More About Organic Farm.

This business is not what you can just wake up one morning and jump into you need to make your own research by reading more about the business
so, if you are a very busy person who hardly has time to read, then for you to achieve your dream in this business you need to create time because starting your own organic farm as i said before means that you have got to be very
ready to read up all that your hands can lay on about this type of business.
You will need to read up about livestock and the various crops that you can possibly start with.

2. Get Trained

Students in Organic Farm Ado-Odo

Yes i said you need to read about the business before you can start it, but the question is can that be enough for you to start the business? I will give you NO in this question because you need the help of experts who are there before you.
So you need to sit under the tutelage of an expert so that you can acquire hands-on tips on how to turn your own organic farm business both practical and theory.
I recommended one farm in Ado Odo in Ogun state Farm name is (ORGANIC FARM) as you can only the name have shown you what they are the owner of the farm will upgrade you under 7 days.
so if you need more information about (ORGANIC FARM) contact us for more details

3. Write a Good Business Plan

After the training and you look at yourself and said to yourself am ready for this business then the next you need is the business plan
Drew an inference from there on how you want to your own business to be run.
Identify the types of livestock you want to breed, the type of crops you want to be grown and a host of other vital information that are required.
You need to ask yourself some questions, like,  do you have space? if you don’t have a space for the business you need to include the space on the business plan.
Capital; you need startup funds and where you want to source for it, your mode of advertisement, how many workers you may likely hire must be included.

4. Incorporate Your Business

Incorporating your business is one of the best steps that you may need to take to make your business successful.
That is why you have got to look at going to the chamber of commerce office or the corporate affairs office to get the process started.
Decide whether you will be in partnership or if it is only you.

5. Pull Resources

One of the ways that you can get finance to start your business may be through grants.
There are also angel investors who are all out to invest in some businesses.
One of the ways to make your business visible to them is to have a detailed and well spelled out business plan.
There may also be family and friends that will help you out.

7. Get a Space

You may consider renting farmland where you can get this business started. On the other hand,
if you have got the money, then you can consider out rightly buying new land to start this business.

8. Start Business and Advertise

After you have secured a space and hired some experienced workers, the next thing that would be expected of you to do would be to start the business.
This means that you would begin to cultivate and rear the animals without chemicals. Whilst that is underway, you may then begin to let people know what you are doing.
This can be through word of mouth, blogging on the internet, starting a website and a host of other means.