Swiss fans to world cup with tractor

Three swiss football fans


Three swiss football fans have recently completed a longer than most journey to

the world cup in Russia, in a vintage buhrer tractor!

The story was first reported in ‘FourFourTwo’ and the journey took the three men a total of twelve days. Once the trio of men, Beat Studer, Werner Zimmermann and Josef Wyer, saw Switzerland qualify for the World Cup they decided to undertake the journey for charity.

Beat Studer is a tractor museum owner, which is why they chose to take a tractor for the journey.

They ended up raising a total of 20,000 Swiss Francs or €17,363 and decided to try and arrive in time at the Kaliningrad Stadium ahead of today’s, June 22nd, Group E clash against Serbia.




They completed the journey after both Studer and Zimmermann took six-hour shifts behind the wheel each day.

Wyer meanwhile, drove alongside in a support van on their way to the stadium on Oktyabrsky Island. Museum owner, Studer, joked that the driving was not the problem, but his friends.

“With the tractor we have no problems. I had the problem with the two drivers every night when they finished driving… would tell them they are like the two on the Muppet Show because always they are like children. he said.

Normally a man one time in his life can do something like this, so we had really, really good time together.