The risk in antibiotics in livestock farming

Using of antibiotics in livestock has raised serious public health concerns globally.
Africa and particularly in Nigeria, it is more endemic among poultry farmers.
Antibiotics are used for three main reasons: to boost the growth of the animals and birds; to treat flu-like infections and to prevent any eventual disease attack.
Antibiotics are powerful medicines that fight bacterial infection. When bacteria develop resistance to the antibiotics, it is termed Antibiotic Resistance (ABR), while Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) occurs when disease-causing organisms (bacteria, viruses, parasites) can no longer be killed by antimicrobial agents.
Dr. Wesangula noted that the use of antibiotics in livestock today is even greater than in humans. The health expert expressed worry that “in many villages, farmers use human antibiotics to treat chicken to control flu-like infection.”
So if you eat meat, eggs or drink milk or eat cheese, you’re taking those antibiotics in very low concentrations,
 So if you are eating the above mentioned, you are taking those antibiotics.
 What we have is people produce a cocktail of drugs – two, three, or four antibiotics which they put into one – whether the birds are sick or not, they keep putting it into the water. They think it will enhance their growth, make them healthier or not come down with any disease.
“While this is happening, the birds are laying eggs, they are maturing as broilers and we are eating them. So we now get exposed to very low concentration of antibiotics and when people go to hospitals when sick they give you drugs, it does not work because you have already been exposed to some sub-lethal concentration of this drugs…. And the organisms themselves have found a way to now dodge the effect of the drugs so the drugs are no more effective.
“The second thing is that even if you say I’m not eating meat, eggs or taking milk, you say you want to go green, you collect faeces from animals – chickens, cow dung, and you fertilize your soil, you will contaminate the soil. So when you plant, the crop also takes the antibiotics,
Now that you know that antibiotics are not good anymore are we going to stop livestock farming?
The answer is NO!
But we need to eradicate these issues before
NAFDAC comes into your farm and you know what that means,
As a wise farmer, you need to change your skills and management so that you will not be an enemy to government and peoples health.
Let’s switch to organic farming
That is the best thing to do now.
Let’s use the fruit and the food we eat to farm.
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When you use it in food animals, there is a period that has been specified – we call it withdrawal time. For the professionals, that animal should not be slaughtered within that period or else the residues will still be available in the product – either milk or meat.