Agriculture is contributing so much in human life during the recession in Nigeria still remain of the sector or industry that keep the growth.

This shows that if you are looking for a sector to invest in 2018, you should seriously consider agriculture.

Is obvious that some youth have abandoned agriculture and underrate the power in it, some youths of these days don’t want

agriculture rather they prefer gambling/betting waiting reap where they did not sow . you will see a young guy who will spend

N100,000 to N500,000 just for betting at end he will end up with no wining. Is right time you start thinking positive about business and stop

occupying another person’s seat, go and look for your own seat.

There are unlimited opportunities in the agricultural sector; and when I said opportunities I mean lucrative one.

The demand for agricultural products both in Nigeria and the world at large will always be on the high side because food is one of the basic

needs of man. Thus, as an entrepreneur, you can key into this demand and set up an agribusiness, creating enormous wealth for yourself.

There are many reasons every young aspiring entrepreneur should look into agriculture. There are endless opportunities in agriculture and

more people are starting to realize that, especially young people.

That said, the best way to get started in agriculture is to find and learn from people who are already involved in it.

Before you start any agribusiness make inquiry about any industry you want establish, learn both the good and ugly in agriculture.

In this article am going to give you some of the agribusiness ideas you need, and you will also promise me that you will make use of this article.


​This industry is for slaughter is very fast to mature, you’re your broiler can be sell at the age of 3 months.

If you bred your broiler very well you will make big money from it, because is one of the lucrative industry in the agribusiness.

As at 2018 a day old chick price is N185 you see with N18,500 you will have 100 birds in your barns.

Just vaccinate them very well and you are there . I always anyone who want to start this business to go for a day old brood it yourself

So that you can be able to predict their health and to know sort of they feed from. if your birds matured very well you can sell it from

N2,000 to N3,000 as you can see there are so much profit in broiler industry if it’s well managed.

You don’t need any specialized skills to start, just your determination to succeed and willingness to learn.


This is for eggs production industry, it takes time and cost a little money more than broiler, before layer start giving your money you most spend

In the industry is very expensive than layer, it take 5 to 6 months before layer start laying egg, I advise you don’t venture into it if you cannot take

Care of it very well, because they need proper care and well balanced barn to raise them. Layer can lay egg for 2 years before they get weak.

From the egg you will see that is very lucrative business, one create of egg as at 2018 cost N850 to N900.


​There are people who specialized in this industry, they specialized in hatching day old chicks for poultry farmer duel to the high demand in the

Markets, this industry is very expensive that required professional skills, standard equipment is needed to start this business.


This basically involves bridging the gap between poultry farmers and the consumer market.

It is very lucrative and requires relatively little money to start-up.

You can focus only on chicken, eggs or both. You meet poultry farmers, buy their stock and resell them in the market to wholesalers and retailers.

It does not need any special skills, only your marketing abilities and a working vehicle.


The fresh vegetable business is a small scale business that you can start with little or capital base.

One benefit of this business is that it requires no cost of maintenance to run the business. Also , there is always demand for fresh leafy vegetables

like; the Waterleaf, Scent Leaf, Ugu leaf and Green. To run this business, you need a small space in your compound or nearby farm where you can cultivate

the vegetables. For cultivation, you only need to plant the stem of the vegetable. It takes six weeks or less for the vegetables to mature for harvest.

You cut the leaves and sell to consumers and marketers.


Cucumber are the 14th most planted vegetable in the world. Cucumber is juicy and nutritious, most people like this vegetable because is good for their health.

Cucumber farming is a very lucrative business, entrepreneurs who are already in the business will testify it.

In Nigeria this business will do very well in the northern part of the country.


​Catfish is unique type of fish rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids which helps in managing the human cholesterol levels.

The numerous health benefit of this species of fish makes its demand higher among health-conscious eaters especially people above the age of forty.

Restaurants, fast food joints, hotels, food courts (shopping malls like Shop rite), local pepper soup joints, market women, secondary and tertiary institution

of learning and offices are possible markets for any entrepreneur venturing into catfish farming in Nigeria.

The profitability of catfish farming depends on how much you are willing to invest as an entrepreneur.

Apart from catfish farming, you can also specialize on feeds for the fish.

This is another lucrative aspect in the fish business. There are lots of articles on the internet about how to start catfish farming in Nigeria.

This business required good skills ask question before you start to avoid losing you fish, don’t feel as if you know it all bring yourself down

When you are looking for something especially the good ones because good things is not easy to get.


This is another lucrative business that is often neglected by entrepreneurs. You can source for small snail business either from the farmers or

From bush, but if you want to make this business great source your snails from bush find the small ones and start with. If there is any bush around believe snails is

Easy for you to get . you can set a trip for snails and they will definitely fall on it, if you want get snails go to any bush around clear one side buy banana, watermelon , pineapple

Or any other sweet fruit. Place the fruit the place you cleared so that you can have chance to collect your snail. Leave the fruits there around 5:30pm go back there in next 2hrs

And pack your snails(raining season only).

Snail have so many role to play in our body that make the demands too high in the market, snail have something like this:

i. Protein

ii. Iron

iii. Vitamin B12

iv. Magnesium

v. Selenium

vi. Omega-3


With increasingly diverse use of cassava products in Nigeria, cassava farming is getting more lucrative with every passing day.

Cassava farming is a very lucrative business Nigeria 90% Nigerian household consume cassava products, is obvious that some entrepreneurs are neglecting this sector

Because nobody want dirty his/herself with sand, but am telling today to change your mindset about this business and watch how you will make income from it.


There is always a high demand for corn all year round. You can start a large scale corn farm. It takes about 3 to 4 month for corn to mature for harvest.

You can opt for supply corn to companies that use it as raw materials.


Grass cutter farming is another lucrative business you can think of, Nigerians love Grass cutter meats (nchi).

You can start a grass cutter farming business where you rear grass cutters for supply to restaurants, joints and hotels.


Everybody around the global most surely eat food everyday and 90% of the food we eat is from farm, so you can source a small scale farm products business.

The business did not need much capital to start, if you planed the business very well you will make so much profit from it.


If you have enough capital at your disposal, you can venture into a pig farming business.

You can start with as little as 10 pigs and grow your farm into a big farm because pigs are known to multiply rapidly. Make ask question in your community to know

Piggery is allowed in area it 4 to 7 months for a pig to become matured and you will be very happy when you take you pig to market is very expensive because the

Demands in the market.


In Nigeria there are high demands of this twins they means in our daily life everybody like them because their contribution globally.

There is a high demand for ripe banana and ripe and unripe plantain both within and outside Nigeria.

You can convert any unused land at your disposal into a banana or plantain farm. Before you know it you will start making money from it.


Almost 80% of Nigerian household demands palm oil that makes it very lucrative is one of the reliable business in agribusiness

It contribute so much in our livelihood. You can either start a small-scale oil processing business or purchase or buy the oil drum and resell it in higher price.

There are some many other agribusiness ideas it depends on the one you want to venture into, is advisable to venture into agribusiness than having a supermarket.

Start any of this business and you will never remain the same again plan it very well seek for expertise help in anyone you want to start have a mentor to help grow.

Thanks for reading and I wish you success if you choose any of this business .