Why you should consider clipping your chicks

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Chick flapping its wings (8 days old)

If you are a poultry farmer this post will help you a lot so people are absentee farmers i hope you understand what i mean by absentee farmers.

Who is absentee farmers?

Any poultry farmer who doesn’t use to stay to his or her farm is the absentee farmers and it can be very dangerous to your birds anything can happen in your absent i hope you know that.

So if you are raising chickens in your backyard or in a coop, you should consider clipping their wings. It is possible to clip your chickens’ wings yourself or to get help from another more experienced breeder. You might be intimidated by the idea of clipping your chickens’ wings at first but you will quickly get used to it.

There are many benefits of clipping your chicken’s wings. First off, it will prevent them from escaping. Chickens cannot fly like other birds but they can flap their wings and escape a coop or fly over a fence. Once you have clipped their wings, you will not have to cover their coop and will not have to worry about them escaping.

This is an easy procedure that only takes a few minutes. Clipping your chickens’ wings will make your animals less likely to encounter a dangerous situation.

If your chickens are able to leave their coop or escape by flying over a fence, they might get hurt on a nearby road or encounter a predator. You will be able to let your chickens roam freely on your fenced property once you remedy the situation and this is the healthiest way to raise these animals.

The procedure can be a little intimidating if you have never done it before because you might be worried about hurting the animals. You will quickly get the hang of it once someone shows you and after you get some practice. Chickens tend to be disoriented for a few minutes after the procedure but they should recover quickly.

All you have to do is cut the feathers that can be found on the wing tips of your chickens. Use a pair of large and sharp scissors or invest in some shears designed to clip feathers.

The most difficult part of clipping a bird’s wings is to hold the chicken still while you clip the feathers.

Typically, you will need to clip your chickens’ wings once a month. The feathers will grow back and the chickens will be able to start flying again.

You might have to clip their feathers more regularly if you notice that your chicken are able to start flying again only a few weeks after you have clipped their wings.

The benefits of clipping your chicken’s wings include being able to keep them in your backyard without having to worry about them flying over a fence and not having to cover their coop.

Preventing your chickens from flying will make it easier to keep them safely on your property and they will be less likely to encounter a predator or another dangerous situation. Talk to the other breeders you know and ask them for some tips if you are not sure how to do it.