Your pregnant animals needs caring

pregnant sow

pregnant pig


What your pregnant animal need

what pregnant animals needs are different from non pregnant animals in that case pregnant animals need much care than than male ones or non pregnant animals.

Is very wise to keep the record of the pregnant animals from the day they mated,

By doing so it will help you to carry out the task in the pregnant ones.

Though cares get start even before the animal get pregnant, i can’t forget what my father told me,

that woman are handling with care so am telling you now that female animals are handling with care.

Male animals don’t needs much care like the female ones. Female animal are expected to have ideal

body they will not be too fat or thin in order to come on heat, conceive and carry their fetus very

well. Flushing your animal is very important specially four weeks before mating or breeding,

should be done properly in order to boost the production and release multiply the ova or the egg.

Flushing isn’t just indoor plumbing its also part of a well managed flock’s nutrition and reproduction


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Flushing Defined

What is flushing anyway? the terms describes a temporary but purposeful elevation in plane of nutrition

around breeding time. Its objective is to boost ovulation, conception and embryo implantation rate.

Flushing may also increase the proportion of female that exhibit estrous.

Boosting this rate increase lambing and kidding rates by 10-20% this is important because flock’s lambing

and kidding rate is one of the primary factors influencing its economic viability.

Now: when your animal is confirmed pregnant there are some things you need to do this including allowing the animal to graze on the filed or pasture that act will help her to be fit and not to gain too much weight and fat.

How to feed pregnant animal

Pregnant animal need good feed but it will not be overfeeding, if you starve your pregnant animal look what it will bring;

Lack of feeding,

The animal body will end up being in bad condition

Low milk production

She will bring weak offspring

It will lead to stillbirth

And some other bad conditions your animal needs feed when pregnant.


Everything that has advantage has disadvantage too, you should be mindful when feeding your pregnant

animal, because animal can’t not stop feeding till she sees no feed again that is why you should feed them

in normal way.

If you feed your pregnant animal look what will happen:

  • it can cause the fetus to grow to large
  • Higher risk of fatty liver syndrome
  • The animal will not be able to move freely

And so many other effect that is not write here.

Here are some things you need to include in taking care of your pregnant animal:

Give your pregnant animal vitamin E injection in the last 2-5 weeks of pregnancy

Meet your vet and ask him to advise you on how you can deworm pregnancy animal

Note: Don’t deworm your pregnancy animal if you don’t have the knowledge consult a vet.

Make sure the pen where your pregnancy animal stay is clean and dry to avoid disease.

As a farmer you need to be around of your flock till the delivery day.

Provide a enough water for the animal and make sure the water is clean.

Have a personal vet for your pregnant animal for best result.